The Story of Vertigo Gourmet

When we taste new things and make, say, the third or fourth version of a product, we know it’s right when I become sort of dizzy!

- Imre Kose

Vertigo Gourmet was born of the Caesar salad dressing from Vertigo restaurant. More and more often our regular customers started to ask if they could buy it to go. That gave us the idea of bringing the Caesar dressing closer to the people. We worked on that sauce for nearly two years and developed the recipe until we felt that there’s nothing more we can add, nothing more we can leave out. This Caesar dressing embodies our values and demonstrates the logic behind the process of creating new products. We are happy to say that this first line still inspires our clients and enriches the food experiences they offer their families and friends.

We want to create products that taste as if they were homemade. We use ingredients as fresh and natural as possible in order to offer our clients unique and innovatively delightful flavours. We are pleased to offer you the most delicious seasonal products made from clean and preferably local raw materials. Every season we present a unique and full bouquet of flavours inspired by the best local forest and garden products of the moment. The only thing we add in order to positively surprise your senses is a little experience honed over the years and some warm heartedness.

Our aim has always been to offer high-quality products for people who appreciate lasting values. In a modern and rapidly changing world that is so clearly under the influence of mass market products, we offer personalized products that carry a handprint. By now our range contains more or less a hundred items. The selection includes dressings that make both - workdays and festive occasions special, but there are also chocolate creams, the beloved cakes and bakes from our confectioners as well as fresh salads and lovely quiches.

For the enjoyment of all the dedicated fans of Vertigo Gourmet we have opened our own store that we already lovingly call Deli & Café in the Old Town of Tallinn at 17 Viru Street, where you can find almost our entire selection. In addition, we’re complementing the selection of our best-loved products (such as raisin-nut bread and Caesar dressing) with seasonal delights made especially for our store. We have included some of the best products and wines from small Italian producers. It’s a great chance to grab a suitable reasonably priced wine to go with your gourmet-gift when visiting friends. Vertigo Gourmet fans can also find their favourite products on offer at all good food stores (list available here). As a novelty you can also find canned foods by a small Italian producer Le conserve della nonna as well as high-quality fresh pasta by Fin on offer at Selver, Stockmann and Tallinna Kaubamaja Toidumaailm. These products are marked with the Vertigo Gourmet Collezioni label and present a wonderful opportunity to create the cosy feeling of an Italian family restaurant at home!

We offer you good advice and companionship during your gourmet discoveries.


Welcome to the world of new flavours!


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